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A simple idea created a great success!

„A friend of the family owns a delicatessen shop and he once asked my mother to supply
him with some glasses of her self-made sweet & sour cornichons. She produced them
according to an old family recipe which is kept in our family since generations. It goes
without saying that no colours, chemicals and conservation additives are used.
This delicacy became a hit and our kitchen at home became too small...
For this reason in 2006 we rented an old dairy where our production is being executed.

Meantime you will find our product 'Grandma's pickled gherkins sweet sour'
especially in supermarkets in Northern Germany. With 'Schudeisky Cornichons sweet
& sour'
we supply hotels, catering services and farm shops as well as butcher's and
delicatessen shops. We supply some of our customers with their own label already.“

Volker Schudeisky

Rediscover with us our old family recipe!